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I wanted to post about an incredible international artist rapper, who has billions of streams and hashtags, and that I have been following for quite a while.  

@mohamedramadanws , who is Egyptian, Arabic, and African, just collaborated with rapper @future and producer @massari on “Arabi”.

Ramadan, a.k.a MR1, has caught my attention because of his mixture of untraditional and traditional elements in his incredible songs, but also for his high quality music videos. They’re great, hilarious and beyond creative in their deliveries.

I got emotionally attached to his creativity because of his song “The Moon”. I found myself relatable to the teenager in his music video. The one who has big dreams, but got bullied along the way for those dreams. Through consistency, this teenager made it. And made it big. Don’t we all relate to that somehow?! What’s so incredibly epic about this video (I cried many times btw), is that I noticed that there is a female drummer! That is unheard of in the M.E.!!! But that’s just how MR rolls. He thinks out side of the box, is inclusive, and is constantly a pioneer in innovation in global music.

For example, for “Arabi", he insisted on getting a camel to walk the streets of Miami even though there was none! 🐪 And driving in a jet on the streets with other cars 🛩️ LOL… I also love the LV belt on the camel, matching colors and just being boojie.

“Arabi” is out now on all platforms!

- 📸 All Rights Reserved to @salxco and @universalarabicmusic

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